American Indian Studies


American Indian Studies provides students with an opportunity to learn about the contributions and perspectives of the indigenous people of North America through courses that explore the ancient civilizations, historical experiences, languages, artistry and cultures, as well as contemporary issues and variations from tribe to tribe that make up the rich and varied nations of the North American Indians.

Undergraduate Minor

The undergraduate minor in American Indian Studies requires 18 hours of coursework. All students must complete American Indian Studies 301: Contemporary Issues in Indian Country and five other courses from at least three disciplines.

The following courses are cross-listed will count toward Minor in American Indian Studies five (5) courses representing at least (2) disciplines from a variety of courses.


Undergraduate Minor

AIS 490

Special Topics in American Indian Studies

AIS 492

Special Problems in American Indian Studies

ANT 315

American Indians

ANT 333

Archeology of North America

ANT 433

Prehistory of Southeastern Indians

HIS 474

American Indians and the Invasion of America

HIS 475

American Indians of the Southeast

REL 322

Native American Religions

SWK 488

Social Work and First Nations/Indigenous People


The following courses may count toward a Minor in American Indian Studies.  In order for these courses to count towards the minor, a significant portion of the course must have American Indian content as indicated by the syllabus and/or the student must complete a major course project/paper relevant to American Indian Studies.  These courses and any other potential courses that may fit these criteria must be approved by the Director for the American Indian Studies Minor. 

ANT 101

The Human Experience:  A Global Perspective on Human Diversity

ANT 221

Cultural Anthropology

ANT 311  

World Cultures

ANT 424Religion and Healing
ANT 427Psychological Anthropology
ANT 429Topics in Cultural Anthropology
ANT 442Medical Anthropology
ENG 410Studies in Ethnic Literature 
CD 150Child and Family in the Community 
CIE 410Foundations in Multicultural Education
DAN 430Dance in Cultural Context
ENG 312 Post Colonial Literature 
Eng 313Survey of Multiethnic Literature 
FL 101Introduction to Exotic Languages
GHY 331Cultural Systems in the Environment 
GHY 409Geography of the Southwestern U.S.
HIS 467 The Colonial South 
LIS 445  Sources of Information for a Multicultural Society
MUS 165Honors Music Appreciation:  World Music 
PSY 413Multicultural Counseling