Dr. Lin Harper

Dr. Lin Harper came to Interdisciplinary Studies through a circuitous academic route, including Sociology, English, Business, Counseling Psychology, and Adult Education. Although she has been employed in various roles at The University for 20 years, she has also been a small business owner and operator, working both as a therapist and as an organizational consultant/trainer. She has long been interested in issues of Distance Education, adult literacy, and technology access/impact on learners, and she served as the Director of Distance Education for USM for several years. Dr. Harper has significant experience in grant-writing and management, has worked in nonprofits for many years, and has served on the boards of several community nonprofits in recent years. 

Dr. Harper has been married "forever" to poet and wordsmith Ronnie Blackwell. They live in Hattiesburg in a Victorian Cottage  built in 1900, complete with hidden fireplaces, inaccessible rooms, and resident ghost. With them live two labrador retrievers, a one-ounce parrot, and a variety of other wildlife (tame and not-so-much).

If you ask Dr. Lin what her job title is, she might well reply, "Change agent." Please join her networks on Facebook and LinkedIn.