IDS Guide to Academic Advisement

What IS Academic Advisement anyway??

Advisement is about much more than picking out classes, getting registered, or filling out paperwork.   The advisement process is designed to:

  • help you understand and meet the requirements of your Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree;
  • enable you to make informed decisions about your degree progress and your academic plans;
  • provide you with necessary mentoring on your journey through the university and as you look beyond graduation;
  • provide information about university services and to help you identify professionals on campus who can help you succeed academically and personally;
  • serve as a point of first contact when you encounter an academic challenge.

Who is my advisor?

Every IDS student will be assigned to a specific advisor.  Check SOAR to find out who your advisor is!

When do I get advised?

All students will be advised at least once per academic semester.  The Registrar’s website provides information on the advisement period for each term, and you will get reminders both from the IDS office and from your advisor about coming to sign up for an advisement appointment.

You can also contact your advisor for advisement on an as-needed basis.  Need to have someone review your graduation application?  Contact your advisor!  Need to talk to someone about a class you’d like to take?  Contact your advisor!  Need some advice about an academic challenge you’re facing?  Contact your advisor!

How do I prepare for my advising appointment?

In order for your advising appointment to be successful and effective, you need to come prepared.  Fill out the 2013-2014 Advisement Worksheet, or, if you started at Southern Miss prior to Fall 2013, fill out the 2009-2012 Advisement Worksheet. In order to complete it, you will need your “Degree Progress Report” (DPR), available on SOAR.  The form can be saved to your hard drive and updated each term, so that you can keep good track of your progress toward degree. The worksheet also requires you to fill out a tentative schedule for the upcoming semester.   Print out a copy of your worksheet, sign it, and bring it to your advising appointment.


For questions about advisement, please contact us at: or 601.266.4317.