Women's & Gender Studies


Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws ideas, information, and methods from many traditional academic disciplines to explore the important role of gender throughout society. It examines how gender organizes knowledge and is embedded in our social institutions, including politics, economics, education, religion, and the family, and explores how gender influences people’s everyday lives. Women’s and Gender Studies seeks to acknowledge and understand the contributions of women to human cultures while also taking a broader, far-reaching lens to consider the role played by gender as a social category. Courses in Women's and Gender Studies often examine the relationships between gender, race, class, and sexuality in addition to integrating perspectives from global feminisms and transnationalism. Women's and Gender Studies courses are for all students—male and female, white students and students of color, middle class and working class, straight and GLBTQI—who are interested in gaining new insight into gender issues.


At The University of Southern Mississippi, the Women's and Gender Studies Program offers both an undergraduate and a graduate minor. In addition to courses specific to the program (such as Introduction to Women's Studies, Special Topics in Women's Studies, and African Women Writers), we offer classes in a variety of academic areas, from sociology to literature, nursing to human performance, theatre and dance to speech communication, history, and political science. Please see the lists below for specific program requirements.


Undergraduate Minor

The undergraduate minor in Women’s Studies requires 18 hours. All students must complete Women's Studies 301: Introduction to Women’s Studies, and five other courses from at least three disciplines.

The following are regularly taught courses with a standing course number for the minor.


Undergraduate Minor

ANT 452

Language, Gender and Culture

CJ 463/WS 427

Family Law

CJ 464/WS 428

Family Violence

DAN 462/WS 462

Dance History I

DAN 463/WS 436

Dance History II

ENG 468/WS 403

British Women Writers

ENG 478/WS 602

American Women Writers

HIS 328/WS 310

Ancient and Medieval Women

HIS 477/WS 410

Women in American Society

HPR 403

Coaching the Female Athlete

NSG 492

Women’s Health (Online)

 PS 405/WS 420Women and Politics
SCM 475Gender Issues/Speech Comm.
SOC 415/WS 425Sociology of Gender
WS 401African Women Writers
WS 450Special Topics in WS
WS 490Directed Research in WS


Graduate Minor

The graduate minor is designed to develop the student’s proficiency in a variety of feminist theories and research methodologies at an advanced level.

Requirements include:

A minimum of nine hours for the master’s-level minor or a minimum of 12 hours for the doctoral minor.  WS601, “Feminist Research Methods,” or the director’s approval of previous course work in WS as an equivalent.  The remaining hours fulfilled in electives from approved courses numbered 500 or above and distributed across at least two disciplines in addition to WS.

The courses include:


Graduate Minor

ANT 552

Language, Gender and Culture

ENG 568/WS 503

British Women Writers

ENG 678/WS 602

Topics in Writing by Women

HIS 577/WS 510

Women in American Society

NSG 692

Women’s Health (Online)

PS 505/WS 520

Women and Politics

SOC 515/WS 525

Sociology of Gender

WS 692

Special Problems in WS