Change of Address Information for Scholars

Scholar's change of address form (PDF)



1) Write family name/surname in CAPS, place given name next and then your middle name, if applicable. Check student or other if you are a professor, researcher, etc.;
2) Give you country of citizenship and date of birth, you will not have an A number this number is assigned to permanent residents the United States;
3) Give present address in the United States. If you reside on-campus such as those living in Pine Haven, Bond Hall, etc. write USM Box _ _ _ _ and then your dorm name and room number, city, state and zip;
4) Give your estimation of months and/or years you will remain in the U.S.;
5) In reference to LAST ADDRESS: If you have been in the U.S. and moved then place your former U.S. address here. However, if you have had only one residence since arriving in the U.S. your address in your home country should be placed on this line;
6) Place USM's name with my box number or your department's box number here;
7) Port of Entry and date of entry into the U.S. are listed on your I-94 card. Your port-of-entry will be the place in which you entered the U.S. and received inspection and your immigration documents were stamped (e.g. New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, D.C. New York, etc.), and your date of entry should be your most current travel date and return to the U.S. your stay expires on the date listed on your form I-20/DS-2019 and you should have this document in your possession;
8) Be sure to sign and date this form.
9) Mail this form to the address listed on the bottom of the page.


Until SEVIS is fully implemented on August 1, 2003, you are required to submit the form AR-11 “Aliens Change of Address Card” within 10 days of any change of address. You may obtain this form from ISA or by visiting the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) website at After August 1, 2003, you will only need to notify ISA of any address changes. We will be able to communicate this change with the Immigration Service via SEVIS.
Currently enrolled students as well as those doing optional practical training (OPT) or curricular practical training (CPT) must also keep ISA apprised of their current physical and mailing address.
Those residing on or off campus that are unable to receive mail at their residence must provide ISSS with a mailing address ( e.g. P.O. Box, USM Box, etc.) and the address of their physical location (e.g. Bolton Hall Room 11, etc.).
The address requirement holds true for those in F-2/J-2 status also.