Staff Directory

Barbara Whitt Jackson

About Barbara:

Barbara loves many aspects of her job but she especially enjoys the opportunity to promote diversity, learn about individuals from other cultures and the rewarding aspect of aiding in the facilitation of a cultural experience in our great country. Barbara is thankful for her job but also for her spiritual relationship and family, and spends her spare time with family and friends, or practicing her hobbies of dancing and baking.

Places visited: Barbara studied abroad in Mexico and has visited the Cayman Islands, Taiwan and Canada.

Elizabeth C. Shoemake
Senior Coordinator

Gina S. Barker
Information System Specialist

About Gina:

Gina is thrilled to meet new people every semester and to learn about their countries and cultures. She is at her best when serving others and is provided that possibility daily through her role in the office. Gina is most thankful for her faith, health, job and family - she has a wonderful daughter who went away to college and Gina misses her every day. In her spare time you will find Gina attending Southern Miss sporting events, traveling to the coast and New Orleans, shopping and taking care of her cats. She studied Spanish in high school and hopes to one day study it again to work towards fluency.

In her own words: "My job is FUN! I get to take students on interesting trips to learn abotu American culture. When I was in high school my family drove a van from Mississippi to Niagara Falls, Toronto and Montreal, Canada - it was so beautiful! As a teenager I thought it was pretty cool that the McDonald's menu was in French and English."