Computer Exchange Program

Service Description

The Computer Exchange Program replaces obsolete and non-supported desktops and laptops with CEP desktops and laptops to help ensure that faculty and staff technology needs are being met and that computers meet current standards.



The following individuals that require the use of a computer for their position are eligible to participate in the Computer Exchange Program:

  • Full-time faculty and staff members
  • Part-time permanent faculty and staff members


The following individuals/situations are NOT qualified to participate at this time:

  • Individual employed by a grant or sponsored program
  • Student workers (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Public computing areas in the libraries and departmental computer labs
  • Auxiliaries


To request service

If you meet the eligibility requirements for a Gold program computer, you can complete this form.

If not, you can complete this form to request a Green program computer.



The Computer Exchange Program request form is online in SOAR 24/7, except for scheduled maintenance periods.


For problems or issues, contact

Computer Exchange Program administrators


For further information

Computer Exchange Program Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that if selected for CEP, there are policies that participants are required to follow? Be sure to review the CEP Policies. 


Related charges

There is no cost to the department or the receiving individual for a qualified faculty or staff member to receive a computer through the Computer Exchange Program. This program is funded by the university, approved by cabinet, and administered through iTech. Special non-standard equipment and peripherals are available at an additional charge.


Service Owner

Paige Strickland