Computer Exchange Program FAQs

The Computer Exchange Program (CEP) is a university initiative that allows the exchange of obsolete computers (Exchange Computers) for newer technology, helping ensure that university technology needs are being met.

The CEP is governed by the CEP Policy, administered by iTech with the support of the University Executive Cabinet, and is open year round, provided funding and stock are available


  • Gold Computer - formerly known as CEP computers that were under warranty and are our current standard
  • Green Computer - pre-owned computers that are functional when pulled out of Surplus and are under 6 years of age
  • Exchange Computer - Computer that is turned in/exchanged for the Green or Gold computer 
  • Acquisition Date - date the computer was purchased/tagged; age of computer
        1. What are my options for exchanging?

          Depending on several factors there are two options available within the Computer Exchange Program.

          • Gold (under warranty) Computers

          • Green (pre-Owned / out of warranty) Computers


          The chart below indicates which option is available for you. A computer MUST ALWAYS be exchanged 

          in order to receive a CEP Computer regardless of the option used. 

        2. Is my computer eligible to be exchanged?

          The age of the computer being exchanged also determines which option is available. 

        3. How do I participate or submit a request?

          A request form is required for CEP consideration. 

          Go to: SOAR>USM Utilities>USM ITech>Use>CEP Request 

        4. When will I know if my request was approved?

          The requests are reviewed on a weekly basis and each requestor receives a follow-up email that 

          includes the status of the request and instructions on next steps. 

        5. What do I do if I don't have a computer to exchange?

          In order to receive a CEP computer for any position, it will be the responsibility of the department to

          provide an old computer for exchange. If a computer is not available, the department will not be able 

          to submit a request for a CEP computer and purchasing a computer may be the best option.

        6. I have a computer that is not an Apple; may I exchange it for an Apple computer? 

          The Program recommends that Windows computers not be exchanged for Apples. Due to the vast 

          differences between Windows and Apple computers, there is a learning curve for most new users 

          and departmental software that works on a Windows computer may not work on an Apple computer. 

        7. How do I transfer data from my Exchange Computer to the CEP computer? 

          If you need assistance from an iTech Technician for the transfer of data or software download 

          you must place a work order on the main iTech site.

        8. How much does it cost my department?

           A department budget will be charged under these circumstances: 

        9. When will I receive my CEP computer?

          Typically CEP Computers are available for pick-up or delivery for up to two weeks after recipients 

          are notified of acceptance. In the event a computer is not available, you will be notified. 

        10. When will my department receive the transfer of the CEP computer?

          Ownership of the CEP Computer will transfer to the receiving department after the following 

          steps are complete:

          The Property Contact for the Recipient must initiate an AssetWorks transfer of the Exchange 

          Computer to Surplus (#960029)

           Please contact Property Accounting with questions pertaining to Property Contacts and 

          A physical move of the Exchange Computer must take place by either:

          The Recipient or the Property Contact Person entering a Physical Plant work order to 
          have the Exchange Computer picked up and delivered to Surplus


          The Recipient or a representative from his/her department taking the computer to Surplus,
          located on 4th Street across from McCarty Hall (see the university map.)

          The AssetWorks transfer of the CEP Computer must be accepted by the Property Contact Person

          To help prevent the department from being charged for the CEP Computer, multiple reminders are 

          sent to help ensure that department personnel are fully aware of the status and takes corrective action. 

        11. What do I do with my old exchange computer?

          The Property Contact for the Recipient must initiate an AssetWorks transfer of the Exchange Computer

           to Surplus (#960029)

          Please contact Property Accounting with questions pertaining to Property Contacts and AssetWorks

          A physical move of the Exchange Computer must take place by either:

          The Recipient or the Property Contact Person entering a Physical Plant work order to 
          have the Exchange Computer picked up and delivered to Surplus


          The Recipient or a representative from his/her department taking the computer to Surplus,
           located on 4th Street across from McCarty Hall (see the university map.) 
        12. What are the hardware specs for the CEP computers?

          Gold Computer

          Windows Desktop

          *Monitor is not included 

          Windows Laptop

          Apple Desktop

          Apple Laptop

          Green Computer

          The computer you receive will be a former university standard Dell Notebook (Latitude), 

          Dell Desktop (OptiPlex), or Apple that is no longer under warranty. Diagnostics will be 

          performed to ensure the device is a functioning computer. 

        13. What is covered under manufacturer's warranty?

        14. What if I want more than what is offered in the hardware specifications (like a docking station or a monitor)?

          Recipients who would like to purchase additional items should contact

          Note: If you currently have a laptop with a docking station, your CEP laptop may not be compatible

          with the old docking station. The purchase of a compatible docking station is the responsibility of

          your department and can be ordered by contacting


        15. What if I want to add additional memory or a larger hard drive?

          CEP computers are transferred to the department's inventory after the exchange is complete.  If you wish to upgrade the hard drive or memory that comes with your CEP computer, you have the option to do so at the department's expense.  IT Procurement can assist with a quote or hardware specifications by contacting  You may then purchase these items on your departmental P-Card. 


        16. What if my building or office only has wireless connectivity?

          If there is no physical network jack to connect to the network, you should consider requesting a 

          laptop which will contain an internal wireless network card. Desktops do not come with internal 

          wireless network cards and are the financial responsibility of your department if one is required. 


        17. If my CEP computer is damaged or having problems, what do I do?

          Please submit an iTech Work Order to have a technician come and assess the computer.


        18. Am I liable for the CEP computer?

          The Recipient of the CEP Computer is liable for the university asset. The Computer Exchange Program 

          did not initiate a new policy or law. Below is a restatement of existing state procurement law found in

          the Property Accounting Manual, pg. 6 under LIABILITY FOR FAILURE TO MAKE INVENTORY- SECTION 


          If any officer or employee of any state agency shall refuse or fail to make any inventory or 

          supplemental inventory thereto as required herein, or to do so in the manner prescribed by the State 

          Auditor, the State Auditor shall proceed to make, or cause to be made, the inventory or supplemental 

          inventory; and the expense thereof shall be personally borne by said officer or employee, and he shall 

          be responsible on his official bond for the payment of the expense.

          In the event that an examination conducted pursuant to Section 29-9-13 finds items that are included 

          on an agency's inventory which are missing and otherwise unaccounted for, the State Auditor has the 

          authority to proceed under the provisions of Section 7-7-211 to recover the value of the missing items. 

          The demand shall be made against the head of the agency, the agency's property officer and/or the 

          appropriate officer or employee, if identified. 

        19. If my CEP computer is lost or stolen, am I eligible for another CEP computer?

          Per University policy, a police report and a property affidavit must be completed (see property manual). 

          The Recipient will be eligible to re-apply after copies of those documents are submitted to

        20. What happens to my CEP computer if I change departments?

          CEP Computers remain with the department that provided the Exchange Computer. The person who 

          transferred must reapply to CEP. If issues arise when trying to reapply, please notify CEP

        21. What software is installed on a CEP computer?

          Windows Desktop and Notebooks

          • Microsoft Windows Operating System
          • Microsoft Office

          -       Microsoft Outlook

          -       Microsoft Word

          -       Microsoft Excel

          -       Microsoft PowerPoint

          -       Microsoft Access

          -       Microsoft Publisher

          • Anti-virus
          • Adobe Flash
          • Adobe Reader


          Apple Desktops and Notebooks

          • Mac Operating System
          • Mail
          • iCal
          • iLife

          -       iMovie

          -       iPhoto

          -       Garage Band

          Office for Mac, which includes Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint 

          are offered by iTech. To have this software package installed, please visit Software Downloads on the iTech website.

        22. May I move software from my exchange computer to my CEP computer?

          Software programs cannot be moved from Exchange Computers to CEP Computers without the proper 

          software media and licensing keys. It is the participant’s responsibility to locate any additional software 

          discs and licenses required (example: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, etc...). In most cases iTech does 

          not have the media required for software that is not a standard offering. 

        23. What specifically comes with my Green Computer?

          CEP Green computer Dell desktops are delivered with power cords (desktops).  All other CEP Green computers (Apple desktops, Apple laptops or Dell laptops) do not have any additional accessories or peripherals. For purchasing any of these items (keyboard, mouse, cords, docking station, monitors, etc.), please send your request to

        24. What if my question wasn't answered in the above FAQ's?

          Please email if you have further questions.