Configuration FAQs

  1. How do I log onto the "USM HELP" network?
    Faculty, staff and students can connect devices to the "USM" wireless network by following these simple steps:
    • Select the "USM HELP" network.
    • Accept the terms and agreement and select "Start."
    • Follow the remaining instructions

    The configuration will only take a few minutes for your device to be updated. Once completed, you will automatically be connected to the "USM" network and directed to the Southern Miss website. No longer will you have to enter your CampusID and password each time to access the wireless network at Southern Miss. For an additional convenience, all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including phones and tablets, may also be configured to access the "USM" wireless network.

    For more information about wireless; students go to the student wireless page; faculty and staff go to the faculty and staff wireless page.If you need assistance to configure your device, call the iTech Help Desk at 601.266.HELP (4357).
  2. Will all of my hardware devices be configured?
    Yes. You will gain Internet access when you log into "USM" because the system is recognizing your CampusID credentials, not the device you are using. Configuration of secure wireless settings vary depending on the operating system and the type of wireless adapter. In Windows XP for instance, you can use Windows to configure your wireless settings, or you can make use of the configuration utility provided with your wireless adapter, as long as this utility has all of the requirements to connect to the "USM" network.
  3. I live in a dorm. What about my gaming devices?
    • The network that gaming devices are connected to will be available to students living in dorms.
    • Students will continue to activate gaming devices through SOAR.
    • Wireless Wii game consoles will not be supported.
  4. What happens when I forget my CampusID password?
    • You must reset your CampusID password by either calling the iTech Help Desk (601.266.4357) or accessing SOAR and select the CampusID Management link to reset.
    • If you call the iTech Help Desk, a temporary password will be assigned to you. You will need to go to and change your password by connecting to the "USM Help" SSID.
    • Once your campusID has been changed to your desired password, you will need to go through the configuration process again by using "USM Help."
    • Once configured using your new CampusID password, the "USM" wireless network will be your default network.
  5. How do I connect my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to this system?
    Apple iPhone/iTouch/iPad users should be able to follow the automatic instructions from above to get connected. Simply connect to the "USM Help" SSID, open a web browser and follow the onscreen prompts. Note that you may need to be using the latest version of Apple OS for your iDevice. Also notice that due to recent software changes with iOS, you may have to go through this process anytime you change your CampusID password.
  6. How do I remove the "USM" network from my Apple iPhone or iTouch?
    The "USM" network is added to the iPhone devices through a "Profile." To remove the profile, go to Settings > General > Profile, then select the "USM" profile and choose the "Remove" option.
  7. My laptop can't get a Wi-Fi connection now. What do I do?
    • Verify you are a registered student, faculty or staff through the university.
    • Verify your Wi-Fi button is turned on.
    • Restart your laptop.
    • There is a known issue with specific laptops that have an Atheros-based Wi-Fi card. Rebooting again may resolve the issue, but your connection may be sporadic. Engineers are currently investigating this situation. This site will be updated when more information is available. You may need to manually edit your wireless "Preferred Networks," and remove the "USM" network to reconfigure your system again by going through "USM Help."
  8. Do I have to switch to the "USM" network?
    At this time, all networks will still be available. In the near future, the current networks will no longer be available. Since this is a one-time process, it is suggested that you go ahead and move to the "USM" network.
  9. Why would I want to switch? Will my speed improve?
    Your wireless access will be encrypted to protect your privacy. These changes should have no impact on your speed.
  10. Will "USM" prompt me to update my CampusID password on an Android phone?
    The Android OS does not have a native mechanism for prompting a new password if the authentification fails. It will set the SSID profile to "disable" and quit trying. As such, Android users will need to re-run "USM Help" after changing their CampusID password and go through the process again to re-populate their device with the new password.
  11. Can I use "USM" without installing XpressConnect?
    Yes, provided you can configure your wireless device for WPA2 Enterprise over AES with PEAP authentification, your CampusID credentials and the SSL certificate provided by iTech.