Faculty and Staff Wireless (EagleAir)

  1. Open your Internet browser (ie. Internet Explorer). In the address bar, type the following address: www.usm.edu/soar
  2. Select the "Soar Login" button.
  3. Log in using your CampusID credentials (Empl ID and password).
  4. Select "Self Service."

    Select Self Service in SOAR

  5. Select "Fac/Staff Activate Wireless."

    Select Fac/Staff Activate Wireless

  6. Under the "MAC Address" list header, input the MAC Address of the machine you are registering. Instructions on locating your computer's MAC address can be found by selecting "iTech Website MAC Lookup" link. Once you have input your MAC address, select the "Activate Wireless" button.

    Fac/Staff Wireless Activation

  7. You should see the "Successful Wireless Activation" window. Select "OK."

    Successful Wireless Activation

  8. If you need to activate another wireless device, you may now do so. You are able to add up to two (2) MAC addresses to your account.