Personal Web Space (Ocean)

Publishing a Personal Website

Note: For students, faculty and staff, sensitive information (such as social security numbers, credit card data, FERPA protected data or HIPAA protected data) should never be published on the Web.

When your personal email ID is created, you are also granted rights to publish a personal web space on Southern Miss' personal web server, called "Ocean." All Ocean account IDs must be activated through the Help Desk. When your space is activated, by default, you will use your for publishing web sites (Ex.

Publishing Your Personal Website on Ocean

First, you will need to download from the Internet an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client. This will allow you to transfer files from your home directory to your personal web page directory. The FTP client can be downloaded for free use from several locations. As a user, you have several options for transferring your files to our web server.

Options: WinSCP or Dreamweaver

WinSCP 3.5.5. Beta Installation Package

  • Download WinSCP.
  • Open WinSCP.


  • Host Name:
  • Username: your username
  • Password: your password
  • Protocol: SFTP (allow SCP fallback)
  • Select "Save."
  • Select "Login."

Dreamweaver MX

  • Download Putty-SSH.
  • Open Putty-SSH.

Open Putty-SSH

  • From the "Saved Sessions" box, double-click " - ftp tunnel."

FTP Tunnel

  • Type in your username for your ocean account and select "Enter." (This is issued to you by the Help Desk.)
  • Type in your password for your ocean account and select "Enter."
  • Minimize the box for - Putty. (This program needs to be running in the background for Dreamweaver MX to be able to transfer files.)
  • Open Dreamweaver MX.
  • From the Toolbar, select "Site."
  • Select "Manage Sites."
  • Select "New."

Local Info

  • For "Local Info," Site name: whatever you want to name it.
  • Local root folder: wherever your website files are located on your PC.

Remote Info

  • For "Remote Info," Access: FTP.
  • FTP host: localhost
  • Host directory: public_html/
  • Login: your username
  • Password: your password
  • Make sure to put a check beside "Use Passive FTP."