Reserve a Room in Outlook 2003

  • To reserve a conference room for a meeting, go to the "Scheduling" tab.

Scheduling Tab

  • From here, click on "Add Others" and choose "Add from Address Book."

Add others

  • In the drop down box, choose "All Rooms."

All rooms

  • Select the room you'd like to reserve and then click on "Required->."

Select the room

  • Click "OK."

Note: Add any other invitees here if you'd like.

  • The room now shows up under "All Attendees" and it's "Free"/"Busy" time is shown to the right.

Room under

  • "Free"/"Busy" time colors are explained at the bottom of the screen. If the room is free, the row to the right of it will be white.

Note: You should not send a meeting request anytime that the room does not show up as "Available" or "Free."

  • You can then go back to the "Appointment" tab and fill in the subject and location if you haven't already. Then click "Send."

Appointment tab

  • If the room is free and you see a meeting request, you should get an email showing that the room has accepted the request.

Room accepted request