Set Up Instructions for BlackBerry Exchange Email

Note: Limited support is provided for mobile devices. iTech is not responsible for data loss due to configuration/phone issues.

  • Select the "BlackBerry Email Set Up" icon. If you have an account, log in. Otherwise, you will need to create an account.

Set Up Personal Email buttonPersonal Email Set Up buttonSet Up

  • Log into your BlackBerry email.

Log into BlackBerry Email

  • Select "Email Accounts."

Select Email Accounts

  • Select "Add An Email Account."

Add an Email Account

  • Input your "" email address. On the next line, input your CampusID password and select "Next."

Input email address

  • Select "OK" at this screen.

Select OK

  • Select "Email Accounts."

Select Email Accounts

  • Next select "Edit" under your email account.

Edit email account

  • Change your "Email Account Name" from "" to your University email address ( Input your reply address as your University email address ( Then input your name.

Change your email account name

  • Your username will automatically populate to your wemplid and your password will be your CampusID password.

Info automatically populates

  • Scroll to the bottom and select "Save."

Select Save

      1. Select "OK."

Select OK

        • Scroll to the bottom and select "Log Out."

Log out

This completes your email setup and your email will now populate to your BlackBerry phone. It may take up to 20 minutes to receive your first email, dependent upon your service provider.