Setup Instructions for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)

Note: Limited support is provided for mobile devices. iTech is not responsible for data loss due to configuration/phone issues.

You will need to contact your cell phone service provider and have the Enterprise Service Activated. (Please note that some providers charge a monthly fee for this activation.)

Once your cell phone provider has this service activated, please contact the iTech Help Desk to have a work order put in to have your phone added to the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

There is a $4.00 a month fee for the cost of the BES License. You will also need to be prepared to provide the chart field that you wish this fee to be charged to. Information that iTech will need for your work order is the correct spelling of your University email address.

Please fill out the BlackBerry License request form.

  • Once your University email address has been entered into the BES, you will be emailed a password for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The email will come from a BES Admin.

BES Admin

  • You will then need to go to "Options" from your BlackBerry home screen.


  • Click on "Advanced Options."

Advanced Options

  • Click on "Enterprise Activation."

Enterprise Activation

  • At the Enterprise Activation screen, this is where you will input your University email address along with the password given to you in the email. Once you have that information entered in, press the trackball, and you will receive the "Activate" pop-up, highlight "Activate" and select it. Once you do this, the activation process will start.  Note: Do not enter your CampusID credentials. They will not work.

Enter Information

  • The following screen shots will show the steps that your BlackBerry will go through for the activation process.

Steps for activation

Steps for activation

Steps for activation

  • Once the activation process is complete, click "Ok." Your activation for the BES is complete.

Steps for activation

  • To avoid duplicate emails, you will now need to log into the BlackBerry Internet service and remove your email account. Use list below to log into your BlackBerry Internet service provider:
  • Once you are logged in, select "Delete" on the account and then select "OK" to delete the account.

Delete email account

Delete email account

Delete email account

Delete email account

  • Make sure you select "Logout" at the top right corner.

This should complete your BlackBerry Enterprise Server setup, and your Exchange email and calendar will now populate to your BlackBerry phone. It may take up to 20 minutes to receive your first email, dependent upon your service provider.