Saturday Gifted Studies Program


group of young students studingThe Fall Saturday Gifted Studies Program at The University of Southern Mississippi is designed to enhance cognitive and affective abilities of gifted students through planned enrichment/acceleration programming. Emphasis is placed on participation in areas that provide in-depth analysis of specific topics in small-group activities with other gifted youth.


 The Fall Saturday Gifted Studies Program serves students in grades PK4 - 12.


Eligibility: An IQ score of 120 or higher or a score of 90% or higher on a standardized test.


We would like to announce the addition of a Fall Saturday Gifted Studies Program at the Gulf Park Campus of The University of Southern Miss to be held October 4 - November 15, 2014. 

Program Discripitons

Pre-K (4 and 5 years old) and Kindergarten

Under the Sea

Students will explore life of the marine world, man’s effect on the sea and what the floor of the ocean is like. Creative problem-solving and hands-on activities will be featured.


Grade 1-2

Water World

Students will explore sources of water on earth, different forms of water, and how water interacts with materials.  Hands-on learning, scientific investigations and use of reasoning skills will be featured.


Expert Engineers

Do you want to understand how things work? Students will use their natural curiosity along with science and math skills to design, plan, and begin constructing machines, buildings, bridges and more. Through hands-on and interactive activities students will learn engineering concepts and learn how things work.


Grades 3-4

Save Our Planet

Students will deal with topics such as preservation, rain forests and waste disposal problems. Engagement in hands-on experiments and creative problem solving will be emphasized.


Introduction to Robotics

Students will use science, mathematics, and technology skills to learn about robotics. Investigate the Mars Exploration Rover mission and its robotic rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. How is data collected for this technology?  Build your own robot!


A Day at the Beach

Students will explore life, creatures, and habitats they would find on the beach. Discover the plant and animal habitats of the seashore and understand ocean animals’ adaptations. Learn how low and high tides and ocean currents play a role in the beach ecosystems.  Hands-on learning experiments and critical thinking activities will be included.


Grades 5-6

Physics Fanatics

Students will conduct experiments dealing with magnetism, optical illusions, heat, water, sound, mechanics and light rays. The creative problem-solving process and research skills will also be emphasized.


Technology Techies

What is technology today in 2014? Student will learn valuable 21st century skills.  Students will improve their word processing skills, build PowerPoints and their own webpage.  Discover what makes computers work.


Grade 7-12 (Choose one)


Engineering and Robotics

Students will science, mathematics, and technology skills to learn about engineering and robotics. Investigate 9 core technologies, technology used in disaster relief, build your own submarine and experiment with electric motors and forces.  Engage in hands-on learning labs.



Students will read and interpret classic Western and Eastern mythologies that have impacted the Western world today. Students will use creative and critical thinking skills to understand the relationship between myths, cultures and societies.


Introduction to Marine Biology

Students will study life in the oceans and other saltwater environments and they will learn about this natural habitat and the living organisms that inhabit it. The course will include a focus related to the coastal plain environments, estuaries, and barrier islands of Mississippi.



Students will consider questions related to Values, Knowledge, Reality, Ethics and Critical Thinking. Examine the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jean-Paul Sarte, Saint Thomas, Augustine, Malcolm X, Thomas Aquinas, Simone de Beauvior and more.  Become familiar with philosophical concepts and enjoy challenging thinking, vibrant discussion and engaged learning.  


Non-refundable Program cost of $245.00 per student for the seven Saturday program covers tuition and class materials.

Classes will meet from 9:00 a.m. until noon.

If you have attended Saturday Gifted Studies, Summer Gifted Studies, or Academically Talented Youth in the past you can apply online below:

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First time students