Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth


Grades 7, 8, 9, and 10

July 5-24, 2015



The University of Southern Mississippi, through a cooperative effort with the Duke University Talent Identification Program, is pleased to offer the three week residential Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth, designed for very bright students who are currently enrolled in grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. The University of Southern Mississippi assumes full responsibility for the instruction, administration and outcome of this program. The Summer Program is designed to provide a balance of educational, cultural and recreational experiences. Upon completion of the program parents will be sent a detailed grade report to forward to the student’s school. At the discretion of school administrators, the student may receive school credit and/or appropriate placement for course work completed during the three-week program. The program will be held on the beautiful campus of Southern Miss in Hattiesburg, located in south central Mississippi, approximately 100 miles from Jackson, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama; and New Orleans, Louisiana. It is important that students select classes in which they are interested and to which their best efforts will be given for three weeks. If the first choice is not available, placement will be in the next available choice.

Academic Courses

Classes, taught by outstanding teachers, meet six hours each weekday and three hours on Saturday. Students participate in quality learning experiences that allow them to progress at a rate and a level appropriate for high ability students. Each class is limited in enrollment. Students select one of the following courses, each of which is offered in a fast paced, challenging format. SAT or ACT (taken in 7th grade) eligibility requirements are noted after each course description. Please see the downloadable application at the bottom of this page for classes offered this summer.

Residential Accommodations

The residential component is planned to be an integral part of the learning experience. The residential hall provides an equally comfortable environment for academic activities and leisure time. Students live in an air conditioned dormitory a short walking distance from the dining hall, campus resources (such as the library) and campus recreational facilities. Residential counselors supervise students when they are not in class. Approximately six hours each weekday and three hours on Saturday mornings will be devoted toward group classroom studies, with one hour per evening provided for individual study. Cultural and recreational activities will be planned as well. There are many opportunities for students to enjoy getting acquainted with other young people of similar abilities and interests.





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