About Us

The School of Kinesiology | Engaging Minds and Bodies


The School of Kinesiology at The University of Southern Mississippi is committed to physical, mental and emotional well-being, academic rigor and vision of a healthier, more active future.

The different specializations offered create a collaborative learning environment, focused on the common study of movement. Students graduate equipped to help people realize their maximum potential and improve the quality of their lives. 

We take pride in the fact that our classroom instruction is supplemented by considerable hands-on practice of the skills and knowledge necessary to become a highly competent practitioner. Every one of our academic programs provides the opportunity to immerse students in situations that he or she will encounter in the real world.

Because of the academic rigor, hands-on experiences, and the research our exceptional faculty and staff conduct, the School of Kinesiology (KIN) is regionally and nationally known for its excellence in preparing students for their careers in the world of sport.

Despite our size, we make a great effort to help our students feel like they are part of the KIN family. The University and the School provide avenues for every student to become involved in campus life and to move their education beyond the classroom and into the community.

At the School of Kinesiology, we want each graduate to look back on the time spent here as being some of the best years of his or her life.

Should you have the opportunity to visit the campus, we invite you to stop in and meet some of our friendly faculty and staff. If you have specific questions, or comments about the school or our programs, call us at (601)-266-5386 for contact information.

If you or someone you know is looking for an outstanding education in the health, exercise, sport, or recreation industry, then the School of Kinesiology is the place to be!

Mission Statement

Through distinctive endeavors in teaching, discovery and engagement related to physical activity, the School of Kinesiology promotes and advances health and quality for all people.

Vision Statement

The School of Kinesiology will achieve recognition as a national leader in the advancement of knowledge and application of physical activity for the preparation of scholars and professionals who enrich the health and quality of life of the people they serve.

Last updated: 10 June 2015