Alumni Testimonials


 Nathan Fry, Associate Director for Athletics at Harvard

Nathan Fry

Associate Director for Athletics at Harvard

MS in Sport Management, '01

I was able to spend nearly my entire time at Southern Miss critically thinking about college athletics, professional athletics, and sport & society. This did several things to prepare me for my career: 1) it clarified my desire to pursue a career in college athletics, 2) it gave me in-depth knowledge of college athletics – finances, compliance, marketing, history of college athletics, etc., and 3) by requiring me to give in-class presentations at Southern Miss, it prepared me for the many presentations I give at Harvard.


Lauren Barrios, Exercise Science May '13

Lauren Barrios

BS in Exercise Science, May '13

I am working toward my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at The University of South Alabama.

There are three Southern Miss exercise science majors in my class and we feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of the program.

We are currently taking an exercise physiology class as first year physical therapy students. We feel very confident with all our course work, thanks to our undergraduate exercise physiology classes! We find ourselves explaining different things (like energy systems) to our classmates without any hesitation. I personally have been studying from my undergrad notes because they are still very helpful. Every week we have a quiz on chapter readings, without any lecture, and we are succeeding on every one!

We want to give a huge thank you Dr. Boyd and Dr. Webster for preparing us. We find ourselves talking very highly of our program. We are prepared for graduate school!

The exercise science program and professors made a huge impact on my academic career.

Travon Robinson, Kinesiotherapy


Travon Robinson

BS in Human Performance: Kinesiotherapy, May '11

I would like to personally thank Mr. Jerry Purvis and Mrs. Melissa Ziegler for the support they have given to me and other students. They have done a good job with the program and their instruction has certainly paid off and will continue to do so. 

I feel my classes provided me with the tools I needed to succeed and kind of prepped me as far as what I should expect to see while on the job. A lot of things must be learned on the job, and the required internship really helped to prepare me for that.