B.S. in Human Performance: Exercise Science Emphasis


The Bachelor of Science in human performance, exercise science emphasis, provides detailed study of the human body’s physiological response to exercise and nutrition’s effect on human performance. Students will graduate with a firm understanding of the skills necessary to assess an individual’s fitness, including measurement of body composition, flexibility, aerobic capacity, muscular strength and power.

Career Opportunities

The exercise science emphasis prepares students who are seeking careers as health or fitness specialists in clinical or non-clinical settings such as:

    • Cardiac rehabilitation
    • Hospital-wellness programs
    • Program leaders and health fitness instructors at health clubs
    • Strength and conditioning coaches in high schools, universities

The specialization is frequently used by students wishing to pursue post-graduate education in fields such as exercise science, occupational therapy, physical therapy or medicine. Any student wishing to pursue graduate studies in areas other than exercise science should work closely with his or her adviser to ensure all graduate school prerequisites are met for the selected discipline.

Program Requirements

Program Plan

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Dr. Last Updated: March 22 , 2013