Graduate Certificate Program in Sport Security Management

NEW Graduate Certificate in Sport Security Management


The University of Southern Mississippi now offers a Graduate Certificate in Sport Security Management.


The Graduate Certificate in Sport Security Management will be a total of 12 hours. This includes 9 hours of required classes and one elective:


NOTE: All classes are available online


Courses required

HPR 620 Introduction to Sport Security Management             

HPR 626 Threat and Risk Assessment of Sport Venues            

HPR 628 Sport Event Emergency Response Planning              

Electives (Choose one)

HPR 642 Sport Venue and Event Management                                           

HPR 670 Organizational Leadership & Management in Sport                        

HPR 677 Legal Aspects of Sport                                                                

Total: 12 hours




Students must have completed a bachelor’s degree and meet the minimum requirement of a 2.75 GPA to enroll in the program as a non-degree seeking student. If students choose to pursue the Master’s degree in Sport Management they must follow current admission standards to the Sport Management Program and Graduate School.



For further information, please contact Dr. Stacey Hall at