M.S. in Sport Management - Emphasis in Sport Event Security Management

Sport Event Security Overview

The University of Southern Mississippi School of Human Performance and Recreation, supported by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), offers a Master of Science in sport management with an emphasis in sport event security management.

The 36-credit hour master’s–level program is designed to equip current and future sports and special event managers and operation directors with the specialization skills and knowledge needed to meet the management capabilities and challenges of safety and security in a sports environment. This program is the first of its kind in the United States.

Program Goals and Objects

  • To promote sport security awareness and the importance of detecting, deterring, preventing and responding to potential sport even threats
  • To improve capabilities to conduct risk assessments, analyze and mitigate risks
  • To enhance emergency response, evacuation and recovery operational planning to terrorist incidents, natural disasters and crowd-management issues

Plan of Study

Core Courses

HPR 612 Financial Management in Sport: 3 hrs
HPR 630 Socio-Ethical Issues in Sport: 3 hrs
HPR 642 Sport Venue and Event Management: 3 hrs
HPR 670 Organizational Leadership & Management in Sport: 3 hrs
HPR 677 Legal Aspects of Sport: 3 hrs
HPR 682 Applied Research Methods and Statistics in Sport: 3 hrs
HPR 715 Sport Marketing and Public Relations: 3 hrs


HPR 620 Introduction to Sport Security Management: 3 hrs
HPR 626 Threat and Risk Assessment for Sport Venues: 3 hrs
HPR 628 Sport Event Emergency Response Planning: 3 hrs


HPR 696 Internship/Practicum: 6 hrs

Courses are offered online and in a traditional format.

Links of Interest

Program Contact

Dr. Stacey Hall - Associate Professor

P: (601)-266-5599 Email: Stacey.A.Hall@usm.edu Room: HPR 229

Last Updated: April 3, 2013