M.S. in Sport Management - Research, Field Experience, Practicum and Internship Experience

HPR 691 (Research) and HPR 694 (Field Problems) provide the student with an opportunity to perform applied research and problem solving under academic supervision in an area of career interest within the sport industry.

HPR 696 (Practicum) offers the student the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in the actual work environment under the tutelage of an athletic administrator or sport industry professional. Each semester hour of academic credit requires a minimum of 50 clock hours of on-the-job training and is performed under the framework of a contract mutually agreed upon by the student, faculty supervisor, and agency personnel.

HPR 700 (Internship) is full-time on the job training for students working with a sport industry organization. The nine semester hour course involves a full semester commitment by the student being mentored by a sports business professional.

Last Updated: April 3, 2013