Recreation Administration Emphasis - Practicum and Internship Experience

RecFest 2012

All students in recreation administration are required to enroll in three hours of HPR 210 (Practicum) and nine to 12 hours of HPR 495 (Internship). The practica are taken on three occasions over three separate semesters for one credit hour each.

The practicum is a 40-hour-per-semester field experience that provides the student the opportunity to learn through observation, practice new skills, and develop an appreciation for the profession. The internship is the culminating experience for all students in recreation, and is taken after all course work has been completed.

The internship is a 10 to 12-week (minimum) full-time field work experience in which students are provided the opportunity to apply theory to practice and begin the process of developing and shaping their skills.

Last Updated: March 14, 2013