Student Sucess Center

The School of Kinesiology's Student Success Center is a comprehensive academic service office for all majors, specializing in providing academic advisement and degree application assistance.

The office is staffed by faculty who have a combined total of more than 50 years of advising experience. They make it their mission to answer all your academic questions and provide you with assistance for other services (such as tutoring and career counseling) available on campus.

There are two parts to the Student Success Center:

Academic Enhancement Center - serves as a vehicle for placement of students for practicum and internship experiences.

Office of Educational Outreach - coordinates educational outreach programs with all KIN programs. Including, but not limited to: practicums, internships, student teaching, clinics and driver education.

Some examples of the many services the Student Success Center provides:

  • Work closely with faculty assigned educational outreach programs during the selection, contract, and evaluation process
  • Represent KIN as a central contact for educational outreach programs
  • Serve as a student resource center for educational outreach programs
  • Maintain educational outreach program data base
  • Provide scholarship information

Location: Human Performance and Recreation (HPR) 101

Hours: Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Nancy Speed - Assistant Director for Student Success  P: (601)-266-6364 E:

Dr. Laurie Neelis - Coordinator, Student Success and Instructor P: (601)-266-5571

Mrs. Jewel Adams - Senior Secretary P: (601)-266-5358 E:

Last Updated: 31 August 2015