Travon Robinson

Name: Travon Robinson
HPR Program of Study: Kinesiotherapy
Graduation Years: BS in Kinesiotherapy '11, MS in Public Health '13
Current Employment: Alexandria Veteran Affairs Medical Center


At a young age Travon was intrigued by physical health and enjoyed helping others, yet he never envisioned these interests developing into his future career.  While starting out at Southern Miss, he met with a general studies adviser who presented specific program options based on Travon’s interests. Considering her recommendations and his own research, kinesiotherapy at the School of Human Performance and Recreation “seemed like the perfect career choice.”

Travon believes the program’s course structure provided him with the tools necessary to succeed in his current job. He pointed out the required internship helped prepare him for the learning that continues while on the job. He credits much of his experience to the program instructors.

“I would like to personally thank Mr. Jerry Purvis and Mrs. Melissa Ziegler for all of the support they have given to me and other students. They have done a good job with the program and their instruction has certainly paid off and will continue to do so,” said Travon.

One of his proudest academic accomplishments was successfully completing 22 undergraduate hours in one semester. He recalls, “They were all major classes and I can literally remember having a test every day of the week, including Saturday. It was a tough semester, but I managed to succeed and come out on top.”

Another accomplishment he is especially proud of is being accepted into graduate school with an assistantship.

Travon is enjoying his career as a kinesiotherapist and plans to remain in the Veteran Affairs system. He aims to move up in the organization and will accomplish this by becoming certified to perform other specialties. His current hobbies are, “training at the gym, higher education, visiting friends and family, and ‘trying’ to cook new things.”

Travon would like to offer the following guidance to current HPR students: “The biggest advice I can give is to really take academics seriously and really get to know your instructors, as well as other professionals. Interact with and get to know different types of people daily as you never know who may play a hand in your success or contribute to your personal growth. Only surround yourself with positive people, independently research your potential career, and set reasonable goals for attaining it. Learn from your competition and communicate with those you are striving to be like. They can tell you exactly what you need to do in order to be successful.”