Dr. Kelly Ferris Lester, Assistant Professor
The University of Southern Mississippi
This presentation will begin with a description of how research into teaching methodologies of dance appreciation in higher education led Lester to investigate the possibilities of teaching this course online. An emphasis in the design of this online course was translating the face-to-face course experiences into the online model. A specific line of inquiry was how can students experience dance in their bodies through this online version? As a dancer and an educator, Lester approaches her lesson plans and course design from the perspective of Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligences theory. Specifically, dance appeals to the kinesthetic learner. Thus, this intelligence must be represented in the dance appreciation course. “Teaching Dance Online?” will discuss this and more in hopes of inspiring other educators to embrace technology in the classroom, discover what is valuable in face-to-face models, and then creatively investigate ways to bring those values to the online model.

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