CourseCopyContent (printable pdf with images)

To copy content from one course to another, you must be in the course with the materials.

Caution – Do not copy your content into the same course more than one time!

On the Control Panel

  • Click  Packages and Utilities
  • Click Course Copy
  • Click  Browse to locate the Destination course (the blank course)
  • Find and click the button next to the course you would like to have the content.
    • Note – “live” courses will begin with the following codes
      • 4145     Spring 2013-2014
      • 4148     Summer 2013-2014
      • 4151     Fall 2014-2015
      • 4155     Spring 2014-2015

HINT- When you have a long list of courses to search through, use the “Search by:” box.

    • Click the button next to Course ID  and type in the Search box the code for the upcoming semester to reduce your list of courses.
    • Click Go
  • Click the Select All button
  • Remove the checkmark Adaptive Release Rules for Content and Announcements
  • Click Submit

You will receive a Success Message and a message to your email account.


  • Your email message may say there are errors with the copy.  Do not panic, everything in your course should be fine.
  • The Course Copy process is not immediate.  Sometimes it takes a few hours.
    Allow some time to pass, log back in to check for the content in your course.
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