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If you are experiencing a problem with uploading files using the “Files > Upload” tool or in your Collaborate Classroom, follow the instructions into this PDF


Make Course Available (printable pdf with images)

The Blackboard Learn system populates the courses with students within 8 hours after the students have registered for the course through SOAR.

By default the courses are Unavailable to the students until the administrator makes changes to availability on the first day of each semester.

Instructors have the power to make a course available to students prior to the beginning of the semester:

On the Control Panel

    • Click Customization
      • Click Properties
        • Scroll down to 3Set the availability
        • Click  the button next to Yes Make Course Available to Students
        • Click Submit

CourseCopyContent (printable pdf with images)

To copy content from one course to another, you must be in the course with the materials.

Caution – Do not copy your content into the same course more than one time!

On the Control Panel

  • Click  Packages and Utilities
  • Click Course Copy
  • Click  Browse to locate the Destination course (the blank course)
  • Find and click the button next to the course you would like to have the content.
    • Note – “live” courses will begin with the following codes
      • 4145     Spring 2013-2014
      • 4148     Summer 2013-2014
      • 4151     Fall 2014-2015
      • 4155     Spring 2014-2015

HINT- When you have a long list of courses to search through, use the “Search by:” box.

    • Click the button next to Course ID  and type in the Search box the code for the upcoming semester to reduce your list of courses.
    • Click Go
  • Click the Select All button
  • Remove the checkmark Adaptive Release Rules for Content and Announcements
  • Click Submit

You will receive a Success Message and a message to your email account.


  • Your email message may say there are errors with the copy.  Do not panic, everything in your course should be fine.
  • The Course Copy process is not immediate.  Sometimes it takes a few hours.
    Allow some time to pass, log back in to check for the content in your course.