About Us

Library Science Faculty and Student and the Southern Miss DomeWe are an American Library Association accredited Master of Library Science program; we are one of only 62 such programs in North America and we are one of a few totally online ALA programs in the country. Our 39 graduate credit hour program does not require physical residence in Mississippi, but each course does have required real-time chat meetings. You may earn a masters' of library and information science with school library media licensure. Currently students enrolled in Southern Mississippi online programs pay in-state tuition. We offer courses in archives, cataloging, reference, collection development, management, research, preservation, digital libraries, as well as courses in internet resources, computer applications, systems analysis, information ethics, multicultural resources, history of the book and more! 

For undergraduate students we offer the bachelor's degree in library and information science (B.A.), which can be used to obtain a variety of paraprofessional positions in libraries and other information environments. The B.A. in library and information science may be used to become certified as a school library media specialist. If you hold a teaching credential you may complete our 21 credit hour supplemental endorsement to be ‘highly qualified' as a certified school library media specialist. The 21 credit hour supplemental endorsement is available entirely online, with real-time required chat meetings. The library and information science courses in the bachelor's program are almost entirely online. 

The ALA accredited master's degree is the professional degree in the field of library and information science; the course work prepares you for diverse opportunities in this information age. If you are interested in either program email slis@usm.edu, or call 601-266-4228 for additional information.