Eagle Learning Online

Eagle Learning Online, also called ELO, is an online classroom environment used to administer online courses. Also referred to as "Blackboard," it is supported by an independent server and is used by over 3,000 institutions in the US. Once you have registered at The University of Southern Mississippi through SOAR (Southern's On-line Accessible Records), you will need to enroll in the Eagle Learning Online software, which can be accessed by clicking the "course login" box at Eagle Learning Online.

You will need your SOAR ID number and your SOAR password to access this site. The courses you have registered for that are online or that have an online supplement will be in your account space. The first semester that you register for an online course you will not be able to access the course space until the first day of class. Semesters after that you will have the courses that you have previously completed still available in your account space, but you will not be able to access any new courses until the first day of class.