Photo of quilting class

Each year, the institute conducts a number of interesting and informative classes at the suggestion of its members. The institute's year parallels the academic year of the university. Each academic year, members participate in five terms of five weeks each. These terms usually begin in September, November, February, April and June. Classes are two hours each and meet once a week, however exercise classes are one hour in length and meet twice a week.

Seminars meet just once in a five week term and are two hours in length. Occasionally we have a two-part seminar which meets a total of 4 hours. All Hattiesburg classes and seminars are held at the Peck House or Asbury Annex (unless otherwise indicated). Gulf Park classes are held in Hardy Hall, unless otherwise indicated. Five week class fees are $20. Computer class fees are $25.

Seminars and Field Trips
Seminars and field trips vary in length, depending upon the topic, facilitator and desire of the participants. Seminars cost $8, two part seminars, $16. Several field trips are planned each year. They range in length from one day to one week. Costs vary.

Luncheon Lecture Series
Social Functions and Other Activities
At least three social functions are scheduled during the year: one in the early fall prior to the beginning of classes, one in December and one in May. The May function is coordinated with the annual business meeting and the election of officers.