Who We Are

OLLI members on a field trip

The University of Southern Mississippi Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is an association of active women and men 50 years of age and older who seek to explore stimulating learning experiences (no homework or exams) while developing new friendships.

The institute's program recognizes that a growing number of adults are adventuresome, active and intellectually curious. Its cornerstones are peer learning and shared responsibility. The strength of the program is that it is directed and run for and by the members. It draws primarily on the talents and experiences of members for instructors and facilitators.

Men and women, 50 years and older, are invited to become members of The University of Southern Mississippi Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Present members come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. They share one essential attribute: belief that learning is lifelong and that the world of ideas is one of knowledge.


The institute is member-governed, member-driven and primarily peer taught. There are two part-time staff members, a director-liaison and an administrative assistant. Its executive board and standing committees enable members to participate fully in the organization and direction of the institute. Officers are elected to serve one year. The vice president is the president-elect and the associate secretary is the secretary-elect.

The elected officers are president, vice president, secretary, associate secretary, treasurer and three board members.

The standing committees are curriculum, finance, membership and publicity, governance and hospitality.