Application Guidelines

Who can apply for a Luckyday Citizenship Scholarship?
Mississippi residents who have been accepted into The University of Southern Mississippi as freshmen may apply for the scholarship.


When is the application available?
The application is now open. It will remain open until February 1, 2015.  It is an entirely online application, including the recommendations. Visit the Admissions website for a link to the application. On the navigation column on the left side of the Admissions page, click on "Scholarships & Finanical Aid" then "Freshman Scholarships." On the Freshman Scholarships page, choose "Competitive Admissions-Based Scholarship Opportunities."


What are the requirements necessary to apply for the scholarship?
Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Evaluation is placed on financial need, community service, and leadership positions in high school.


What information will I need to provide on the application?

  • Family financial information
  • Information from School Counselor
  • One recommendation from a teacher
  • One recommendation from an individual who advises or sponsors a school, community, or church activity in which you participate
  • History of extracurricular activities and leadership roles
  • Completion of two essay questions involving ideas of service and community engagement