Current Student FAQs

  • What opportunities for growth and involvement are there in the Luckyday Citizenship Program?
  1. Service Opportunities (all students)
  2. Luckyday Living/Learning Communities (all students)
  3. Luckyday Freshman Seminar (IDS 110)
  4. Luckyday Senior Seminar (UNV 310)
  5. Luckyday Leadership Team (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
  6. Luckyday Executive Team (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
  7. Luckyday Freshman Seminar Peer Instructors (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
  8. Luckyday Mentors (sophomores, juniors, seniors)
  9. Homecoming Team
  10. Special Event Programming
  11. Fitness Challenge
  12. Intramural Sports
  13. Luckyday Study Abroad Programs
  • How many service hours are required? 
    Students volunteer 20 hours of service per semester starting the spring semester of their freshman year.
  • Do I need to apply for housing?  
    Yes, housing is required for Luckyday Scholars for the first year. All scholars live in Century Park North.
  • How can I apply for the Luckyday Study Abroad Scholarship?  
    You must be a second year Luckyday Citizenship Scholar in good standing with the Luckyday Citizenship Scholars Program and The University of Southern Mississippi.