Dr. Ian Church

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

  • Optimizing Multibeam sonar data acquisition and processing methods and algorithms
  • Coastal hydrodynamic modeling for the purpose of tidal prediction and analysis of sound speed uncertainty


  • HYD601: Hydrographic Data Management
    The methods of data acquisition and control, capture, processing, and analysis applied to construction of navigational charts. 
  • HYD607:  Oceanography for Hydrographers
    An integrated approach to the oceanographic operating environment, this course covers physical oceanography and marine geology, and their effects on hydrographic survey operations.
  • HYD620:  Math Concepts for Hydrographers
    To provide a basic understanding of mathematical and statistical concepts needed for succeeding in hydrographic science, and how to apply these concepts using Matlab. 

Selected Publications & Proceedings 

Hughes Clarke, J.E., S. Brucker, J. Muggah, T. Hamilton, D. Cartwright, I. Church and P. Kuus, 2012, Temporal progression and spatial extent of mass wasting events on the Squamish prodelta slope: Landslides and Engineered Slopes: Protecting Society through Improved Understanding, Eberhardt et al. (eds), Taylor and Francis Group, ISBN 978-0-415-62123-6, p.1091-1096. 

Church, I., John E. Hughes Clarke, Susan Haigh, Reenu Toodesh, 2012, Modelling the estuarine circulation of the Port of Saint John: Visualizing complex sound speed distribution, Proceedings of the Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2012. 17pp.

Jakobsson, M., L. Mayer, B. Coakley, J. A. Dowdeswell, S. Forbes, B. Fridman, H. Hodnesdal, R. Noormets, R. Pedersen, M. Rebesco, H. W. Schenke, Y. Zarayskaya, D. Accettella, A. Armstrong, R. M. Anderson, P. Bienhoff, A. Camerlenghi, I. Church, M. Edwards, J. V. Gardner, J. K. Hall, B. Hell, O. Hestvik, Y. Kristoffersen, C. Marcussen, R. Mohammad, D. Mosher, S. V. Nghiem, M. T. Pedrosa, P. G. Travaglini, and P. Weatherall (2012). "The International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO) Version 3.0." Geophysical Research Letters, 39(12).

Lastras, G., Canals, M., Amblas, D., Lavoie, C., Church, I., De Mol, B., Duran, R., Calafat, A.M., Hughes-Clarke, J.E., Smith, C.J., Heussner, S., and "Euroleón" cruise shipboard party, 2011, Understanding sediment dynamics of two large submarine valleys from seafloor data: Blanes and La Fonera canyons, northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Marine Geology, Volume 280, Issues 1–4, Pages 20–39. 

Church, I., Brucker, S., Hughes Clarke, J.E., Haigh, S., Bartlett, J. and Janzen, T., 2009, Developing Strategies to Facilitate Long Term Seabed Monitoring in the Canadian Arctic using Post Processed GPS and Tidal Models, Proceedings of the U.S. Hydrographic Conference 2009, 13pp.