Dr. Jerald Caruthers

Professor Emeritus

My primary research interests include acoustic scattering from rough surfaces (sea surface and seafloor), the effects of bubbles on sound propagation and scattering in the sea, and ocean acoustic tomography. More broadly, I am interested in all aspects of what has come to be called "Acoustical Oceanography," the use of underwater acoustics as a probe for the study of oceanic phenomena.



  • Applied Ocean Acoustics (MAR 668): An introduction to underwater acoustics, the science and application of sound in the sea. Applied Ocean Acoustics is designed to provide a fundamental and practical knowledge of underwater acoustics. The course stresses hydrographic and bathymetric applications, but other uses of underwater acoustics are considered.
  • Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics (MAR 673): This course is orientated toward physical scientist and engineers with advanced math skills. Although primarily applied, some theory related to wave equations for acoustics in the sea and their solutions are covered.
  • Ocean Acoustics Lab (MAR 673L): This course is designed to be taken in conjunction with MAR 668 or 673 but is especially useful for the latter. It is designed to give hands on experience with applied topics covered in either course. This lab course should be taken simultaneously with MAR 673, but may be taken subsequently to either course.


Selected Publications

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J.W. Caruthers and V. Renganathan, "Statistical and Change-Detection Analyses using SAX04 and KauaiEx Side-Scan Sonar Data," Boundary Influences in High-Frequency, Shallow-Water Acoustics, Proceedings of the Acoustics Institute, UK, pp 251-259, Sept. 2005.

J.W. Caruthers, D.A. Roman, N.A. Sidorovskaia, and S. Vinogradov, "Prospects and Techniques for Eddy-Resolving Acoustic Tomography of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico," Proceedings of the 9th World Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics, Orlando, FL, July 2005.

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