Dr. William (Monty) Graham

Professor and Chair

Research Interests

  • Marine zooplankton with emphasis in gelatinous plankton ecology
  • Ecological implications of fishing and climate change in river-dominated systems
  • Long-term ecosystem dynamics in pulsed river coastal environments


MAR 402 Marine Environmental Science


Selected Publications
Peterson, C.H., S.S. Anderson, G.N. Cherr, R.F. Ambrose, S. Anghera, S. Bay, M. Blum, R. Condon, T.A. Dean, M. Graham, M. Guzy, S. Hampton, S. Joye, J. Lambrinos, B. Mate, D. Meffert, S.P. Powers, P. Somasundaran, R.B. Spies, C.M. Taylor, R. Tjeerdema, E.E. Adams (In press). A tale of two spills. Bioscience.

Carassou, L., B. Dzwonkowski, F.J. Hernandez, Jr., S.P. Powers, K. Park, W.M. Graham (In press) Climatic and environmental controls of fish recruitment in coastal waters dominated by riverine processes. Marine and Coastal Fisheries.

Carmichael, C.A., W.M. Graham, L.J. Linn, K.L. Lemkau, R.K. Nelson, and C.M. Reddy (2012). Identification of oil-covered honeycomb material found in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Environmental Research Letters. 7: 015301, 6 pp.

Graham, W.M., R.H. Condon, R.H. Carmichael, I. D’Ambra, H.K. Patterson, L.J. Linn, and F.J. Hernandez, Jr. (2010) Oil carbon entered the coastal planktonic food web during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Environmental Research Letters 5: 045301, 6 pp.

Pauly, D., W. Graham, S. Libralato, L. Morissette and M.L.D. Palomares (2009) Jellyfish in ecosystems, online databases, and ecosystem models. Hydrobiologia 616: 67-85.

Rakow, K.C. and W.M. Graham, (2006). Orientation and swimming mechanics by the scyphomedusae Aurelia sp. in shear flow. Limnology and Oceanography. 51: 1097-1106.

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Graham, W. M., S. MacIntyre and A. L. Alldredge. (2000). Diel patterns in the concentration of marine snow and particle flux in surface waters. Deep-Sea Research I. 47: 367-395.

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