Seminar Series

The Department of Marine Science Seminar Series is held on Fridays at 11am in Room 101 of the George Knauer Building (Bldg 1022) at Stennis Space Center, unless otherwise noted. Please contact Jessica Browder at 228-688-3177 or for directions or if you need to request a visitor’s badge.


The Department of Marine Science
Fall 2015 Seminar Series


Fall 2015 Seminar Series (PDF)



Friday, August 28
Dr. Brian Dzwonkowski: Dept. of Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama
Role of Discharge on the Hydrography and Circulation in the Coastal Waters of Alabama



Friday, September 04
Dr. John White: Dept. of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University
Estuarine Ecosystem Response to Large Scale Mississippi River Diversions

Friday, September 11
Dr. Galen McKinley: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences & Center for Climate Research, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Separating Trends from Variability in the Ocean Carbon Cycle

Friday, September 25
Dr. Kam-Biu Liu: Dept. of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University
Storm Deposition from Recent Hurricanes in Coastal and Estuarine Wetlands Across Southern Louisiana


Friday, October 02
Dr. Megan La Peyre: Dept. of Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University
Oyster and Reef Restoration in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Monday, October 19
Ms. Elizabeth Chamberlain: Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tulane University
Using the Geologic Record to Describe the Patterns and Rates of Delta Development

Friday, October 30
Dr. Joe Griffitt: Dept. of Coastal Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Dead Fish


Friday, November 06
Dr. Lee Alexander: Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping, University of New Hampshire
Electronic Charts and Marine Information Overlays: What, Why and How

Friday, November 13
Dr. Inia Soto Ramos: Department of Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi 
Harmful Algal Blooms of the West Florida Shelf and Campeche Bank

Friday, November 20
Dr. Brian Roberts: Deflice Marine Center, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium 
Louisiana Wetland Biogeochemistry and Microbial Community Dynamics Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill