For several years, the University of Southern Mississippi has hosted high schools for the MAA's annual American Mathematics Competition. In 2014, the University will host AMC 10/12 on February 4th. This year, we plan to add several activities of interest:

  • We will start with the competition itself (of course)
    (The AMC is a multiple choice test where students have to solve problems of increasing difficulty, which rely only on high school mathematics. You can find previous years' questions and solutions here.)
  • After the test, students will enjoy lunch while listening to a Science Cafe talk on Musical Minds Dr. David Echevarria of the Department of Psychology.
  • Tours of the university campus, including the university's innovation and commercialization park, known as the Garden.
As of January 1st, 2014, we have a very large crowd; if you are interested in participating, but we somehow failed to contact you, please contact John Perry.