Online MLS Graduate Program

The 36-hour online program is geared toward individuals who possess certification as a medical technologist/medical laboratory scientist from a recognized national certifying agency.  This certification is an entrance requirement.

Coursework consist of eighteen (18) hours of 600 or above level courses and completion of coursework, the student must pass oral and written comprehensive examinations.  Six (6) hours may be transferred from another university to fulfill degree requirements.

Course Listing for the Medical Laboratory Science Department (18 hours required)

MLS 602     Comparative Diagnosis of Microbial Pathogens, 3 hrs.

MLS 604     Clinical Oncology, 3 hrs.

MLS 612     Clinical Laboratory Program Development, 3 hrs.

MLS 615     Clinical Laboratory Management, 3 hrs.

MLS 621     Professional Development for Medical Laboratory Scientist, 3 hrs.

MLS 629     Toxicology, 3 hrs.

MLS 692     Special Problems

Elective Course Listing (18 hours required)

CHS 622     Epidemiology, 3 hrs.

CHS 655     Environmental Health, 3 hrs.

CHS 722     Infectious Disease Epidemiology, 3 hrs.

IET 513      Lean Production System, 3 hrs.

IT  648      Telecommunications in Education, 3 hrs.

IT 650       Distance Learning Systems, 3 hrs.

NSG 600     Policy, Organization and Financing of Health Care, 3 hrs.

NSG 646     Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics, 3 hrs.

NSG 647     Advanced Pathophysiology

REF 601     Educational Research:  Interpretation and Application

REF 602     Introduction to Educational Statistics

REF 607     Developing a Student - Centered Curriculum