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Andrew Malan Milward

Elena Tomorowitz
Allison Campbell

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Mississippi Review was founded in 1972 by Gordon Weaver. In 1977 Frederick Barthelme, with managing editor Rie Fortenberry, worked to create what is now one of the oldest and most respected literary journals in the country. Raymond Carver, an early contributor to the magazine, once said that Mississippi Review "is one of the most remarkable and indispensable literary journals of our time." Writers who are now household names have appeared in the pages of the Review, as well as unknowns who have gone on to publish novels and collections and to receive awards. Mississippi Review is now in its thirty-fifth year, with the forty-first volume underway. While adapting to this up-and-coming generation of writers and readers, the Review continues to publish writing that is offbeat and ahead of the curve.

Because we publish only two print issues a year, a prize issue and an edited volume of selected writings, we do not currently accept unsolicited manuscripts of any kind, except under the rules and guidelines of the Mississippi Review Prize (see here). The second issue is usually a special topics issue edited by a guest, and built largely around solicited work. Occasionally an editor will put out a call for work on specific topics, but otherwise no unsolicited work is accepted.