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Surfaces and Interfaces
Polymer synthesis
High performance materials
Nanostructured materials

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The Morgan Research Group focuses on surfaces and interfaces, with interdisciplinary research involving polymer synthesis, engineering and analysis, and collaborative interactions with international academic and industrial partners. Research projects involve surface modification and elucidation of mechanisms at the molecular level determining material performance. There are currently two primary areas of interest: high performance materials and bio-based materials. High performance materials, including composites, nanocomposites and nanostructured materials, involve collaboration with industrial partners such as GE, Boeing, Hybrid Plastics, Solvay and Sun Chemicals, and explore fundamental adhesion, friction and reinforcement properties for energy-saving materials applications. Biopolymer and bioinspired polymeric materials include development of self-assembling systems for sensor applications and surface modification for antifouling/antimicrobial performance. Bio-based materials research includes funding from NOAA, NSF and industrial partners. Graduate and undergraduate students are provided opportunities for industrial and international internships. Comprehensive synthesis, processing and analysis capabilities are available. Analytical instrumentation includes atomic force microscopy, ATR-FTIR, nanoindentation, SEM-EDAX, surface Plasmon resonance, quartz crystal microbalance, ellipsometry, tribometry, contact angle goniometry and comprehensive coatings analysis capability.

Morgan Research Group develops organic solar cells

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