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Released August 12, 2005


HATTIESBURG – Just months after its formation, Noetic Technologies Inc. has announced it has reached agreement on two research and development proposals between The University of Southern Mississippi School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at Southern Miss and Crosslink.

Noetic Technologies Inc., the marketing and commercialization branch of the research foundation for the university, was formed to create opportunities for entrepreneurs at Southern Miss.

Research for the two projects will be based on intellectual property and proprietary technology developed by Crosslink, as well as new intellectual property developed in collaboration with Southern Miss.

The two projects are funded by Naval Air Systems Command and will result in high performance “SMART” coatings for military applications. “SMART” coatings build response characteristics into the coating themselves so that some environmental change will elicit the desired response.

“These stimuli response coatings have the potential of offering “futuristic” properties,” said Charlie Hoyle, a leading expert in polymer photochemistry and conductive materials.

The Noetic team is assembled from individuals experienced in commercial ventures who have spent the past few months becoming familiar with the university's intellectual property. “The work we are doing has the potential to save a portion of the $20 billion the Department of Defense spends annually fighting corrosion. The possibilities are endless,” said Hoyle, Southern Miss’ lead investigator on one of the projects.

Crosslink, based in St. Louis, Mo., is a technology development company, which focuses on commercializing products and applications using advanced organic materials. The company is continuously developing and using products that are made from polymer technology.

“Crosslink is a technology company that understands application development,” said Les Goff, Noetic president and CEO. “Companies like Crosslink are natural partners for university researchers.”

For more information, contact Kelli Booth at (601) 705-0252.


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