Released June 16, 2003


HATTIESBURG - An instructor in The University of Southern Mississippi's Department of Medical Technology has won the prestigious Member of the Year Award from the Mississippi Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (MSCLS).

Sabrina Bryant, of Mobile, Ala., will accept the award in late July at a national meeting of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science in Philadelphia. Given to one winner in each state, the Member of the Year Award is the highest honor bestowed on a member within the organization.

"Mrs. Bryant was recognized by her peers in the state for exhibiting outstanding personal and professional characteristics," said Dr. Jane Hudson, chair of the Department of Medical Technology. "We are fortunate to have her on faculty in our medical technology department as a role model for our students and future medical technologists."

Both the MSCLS and the ASCLS depend on volunteers to operate. The Member of the Year Award is given to the volunteer who best serves the organization and the profession in any capacity needed.

A graduate of the medical technology program at Southern Miss, Bryant represents the department at the state and national level by volunteering her time and efforts to promote the laboratory profession. Bryant said these efforts are more important than ever since the nation is suffering a shortage in medical laboratory personnel.

"With the threat of bioterrorism looming over our nation, it is critical that we tackle the health care personnel shortage," Bryant said. "Laboratorians are the first line of defense through identification and testing."

Bryant said it is also essential to increase the number of laboratorians in the workforce by recruiting qualified students who can be appropriately educated to meet current and future demands.

"The laboratory is an essential part of the health care team, but we are rarely seen or acknowledged," she said. "The laboratory provides information to physicians and other health care providers, which are used as the basis of about 70 to 80 percent of medical decisions."

Honored by her award, Bryant said, "I am very pleased to be recognized by my peers, but more so for the opportunity to share a bit about my profession."



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