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Released March 26, 2003


HATTIESBURG - Mississippi elementary, junior high and high school students competed in 14 categories of science and engineering at the Region I Science Fair Saturday at The University of Southern Mississippi's Reed Green Coliseum.

Winners are listed from first to sixth place in each category.

The State Science Fair Competition will be held on March 31 at Reed Green Coliseum.

Behavioral and Social Sciences (grades 1-3): Jessi Smith, Pearl River; Aubre Sanders, Oak Grove; Elizabeth Lucas, Oak Grove; Ashley Graves, Sumrall; Molly Speed, Presbyterian Christian; Drew King, Seminary. (grades 4-6): Alan Smith, Pearl River; Brittney Smith, Pearl River; Toni Purvis, Seminary; Brantley Hudson, Presbyterian Christian; Zea Askew, Woodley; Jake Nickens, Oak Grove.

Botany and Microbiology (grades 1-3): Kristen Tucker, Quitman; Tori Massey, W.L. Smith; Abby Strickland, Oak Grove; Ford Ramey, Presbyterian Christian; Nick Dillard, Nicholson; Steve Kubick, Pearl River. (grades 4-6): Gwen May, Oak Grove; Hanna Ainsworth, Taylorsville; Eden McNeese, Seminary; Chloe Henderson, Presbyterian Christian; Brittany Pierce, Leakesville; Kimberly Kitrell, Leakesville.

Chemistry and Biochemistry (grades 1-3): Azmo Meyer, Purvis; Shelby Wesson, W.L. Smith; Timothy Buisson, Woodley; Dallas Barber, Sumrall; Olivia Herring, Purvis; Andrew Porter, Waynesboro. (grades 4-6): Cody Morris, Sumrall; William Halford, Franklin; Harrison Burton, Woodley; Anna Rowe, Presbyterian Christian; Joann Bushardt, Presbyterian Christian; Patrick Pfalzgraf, Roseland Park; Jerrod Scott, Roseland Park.

Math, Computers, Earth and Space (grades 1-3): Nick Pierce, W.L. Smith; Alex Cain, Presbyterian Christian; Emily Humphrey, Seminary; Zac Bennett, Oak Grove; Alex Riels, Seminary; Niky Hensarling, Pearl River. (grades 4-6): Renee Jones, Pearl River; Marshall Pilgreen, Dixie; Michael Sims, Presbyterian Christian; Austin Blackwell, Tylertown; Hannah Roberts, Seminary; Caitlin Seale, Presbyterian Christian; Chelsea Higginbotham, Sharon Elementary.

Physics and Engineering (grades 1-3): Nathan Ford, Waynesboro; Jamie Cochran, Beat Four Elementary; Leena Haidar, West Side; Jordan Spencer, Pearl River; Stephanie Weiss, Oak Grove; Cade Willis, Oak Grove. (grades 4-6): Marleigh Ulmer, Sharon; Dalee Kimble, Leakesville; Geoffery Chin, Pearl River; Colter Fortenberry, Tylertown; Chris Lee, Oak Grove; Collin Parker, Rawls Springs.

Zoology, Medicine and Health (grades 1-3): Holly Knight, W.L. Smith; Justin Lee, Purvis; Trey Dickinson, Mendenhall; Caleb Mansfield, Woodley; Thomas Hedgepeth, Simpson Central; Alyssa Frierson, Pearl River; Abby McPhail, Seminary. (grades 4-6): Ahmed Malik, Leakesville; Tabitha O'Meara, Roseland; Brandon Wilkins, Leakesville; B.J. Hebert, West Side; Tanne Campbell, Franklin School; Jarret Roberts, Rawls Springs; Josie Burks, Oak Grove.

Scientific Models: Daniel Greenlee, Pearl River; Ja'lan Harris, Thames Elementary; Thomas Battise, Roseland; Lauren Leake, Woodley Elementary; Landon Frazier, Presbyterian Christian.

Scientific Collections (grades 1-3): Carley Wigley, W.L. Smith; Dru Elkins, Presbyterian Christian; Taylor McAlister, W.L. Smith; Tobias Wilson, Jefferson County; Cain Rowell, Mendenhall; Haleigh Ratliff, Pearl River.

Behavioral and Social Sciences (grades 7-8): Caitlin Cook, Sumrall; Lindsey Bertolino, Oak Grove; Somer Litolff, Purvis; Bobby Newman; Robert Lewis; Christina Mills, Sumrall; Brianne Blair; Simpson Central.

Biochemistry (grades 7-8): Alan Humphrey, Seminary; Bradley Brown, Oak Grove; Sommer Cheeks, Beat Four; Emily Lander, Picayune; Welle Emmons, N.R. Burger; Haley Randall, Sumrall.

Botany (grades 7-8): Robert D. Hays, Mendenhall; Jadtrl C. Heard, Robert Lewis; Courtney Brooms, Sumrall; Patrick Holman, Oak Grove; Rhonda Daughdrill, South Forrest; Brent Stephens, Sumrall.

Chemistry (grades 7-8): Paul Garrett, Collins; Alyssa Whitehead, Oak Grove; Vicki Purvis, Oak Grove; Sheronda McLaurin, Collins; Sarah Ring, Collins; Josh Sanford, Seminary.

Computers (grades 7-8): Alyssa Yuen, Oak Grove; Alzena V. Johnson, Jefferson County; Nick Curry, Alternative Center.

Earth and Space Science (grades 7-8): Jessica Galloway, Oak Grove; Brandon Henley, Oak Grove; Kyla Creel, Sumrall; Julie Lawrence, Sumrall; Kaitlyn DuBose, Columbia; Brittany Wentworth, Presbyterian Christian; Sophia Kerschbau, Oak Grove.

Engineering (grades 7-8): Cory Colley, South Forrest Center; Stacee Sullivan, Sumrall; Rebecca Davis, Robert Lewis; Daniel Krebs, N.R.Burger Middle School; Miles Graham, Seminary; Mark A. Horner, Pearl River.

Environmental Science (grades 7-8): Amelia Gamble, Oak Grove; Justin Gough, Oak Grove; Matthew Asquith, Oak Grove; Amy Shows, N.R. Burger Middle School; Nathan Hulsey, North Forrest; Tarrice Washington, Picayune.

Gerontology (grades 7-8): Amelia Dickson, Leakesville; Angel Wells, N.R. Burger Middle School; Falon Nettles, Leakesville; Taylor Parker, Robert Lewis.

Mathematics (grades 7-8): Marshall Pace, Picayune; Mary Anne Messier, Presbyterian Christian; Felicia Spann, N.R. Burger; John Thomas Howell, Oak Grove; Thomas Williams, Robert Lewis; Marunyanna Barnett, Jefferson County.

Medicine and Health (grades 7-8): Dana Foxworth, North Forest; Brenda Temple, Robert Lewis; Amber Gibson, Simpson Central; Chad Darty, N.R. Burger; Kevin Bond, Sumrall; Jennifer Adah, Earl Travillion.

Microbiology (grades 7-8): Melissa Powell, Oak Grove; Rachel Clark, Sumrall; Michael Booth, Sand Hill; Devon E. Pryne, West Jones; Danielle Bryant, Collins; Henry Holmes, Robert Lewis.

Physics (grades 7-8): Stephanie Oshrin, N.R. Burger; Matthew Tucker, Dixie Attendance Center; Slade Gardner, Clara; Jade Adams, Picayune; Chase Williams, Collins; Tyler Taormina, Collins.

Zoology (grades 7-8): Lillian Rogers, Presbyterian Christian; Kimberly Pierce, Leakesville; T.J. Burgess, Leakesville; Nobie Cannon, Oak Grove; Direl Barnes, Columbia Academy; Clifton Keys, Collins.

Behavioral and Social Sciences (grades 9-10): Meagan Malone, Oak Grove; Eddie J. Davenport, Jefferson County; Melissa Cirino, Oak Grove; Chad Lederman, Sumrall; Bo Vince, Columbia; Mandi Ramshur, Sumrall. (grades 11-12): Candace Joyner, Sumrall; Robin Cook, Sumrall.

Biochemistry (grades 9-10): Jennifer Jing Huang, Oak Grove; Lynsheika McKnight, Jefferson County; Amber Cascio, Seminary; Joh'Netta Selmon, Jefferson County (grades 11-12): Kristin James, Sumrall; Audra Sullivans, Collins; Alice Crosby, Collins.

Botany (grades 9-10): Tara Whitehead, Sumrall; Nicholas McMorris, Natchez; Reggie Farve, Sumrall; Nicole Sanford, Seminary (grades 11-12): Charles Gibson, Collins; Robert Willis, Sumrall.

Chemistry (grades 9-10): Royelle Robertson, Natchez; Kendra Lewis, Jefferson County; Avery Hammett, Jefferson County; Nicole Wheat, Picayune; Brian Aultman, Sumrall; Shonda White, Jefferson County (grades 11-12): Lindsay Graham, Sumrall; Amanda Pace, Picayune; Jorge Zogaib, Picayune; Marty Kinsey, Sumrall; Sentona Hayes, Collins.

Computers (grades 9-10): Zachary Murphy, Seminary (grades 11-12): Anthony Yuen, Oak Grove.

Earth and Space Science (grades 9-10): Sarah Perry, Seminary; Kaitlyn Bryant, Sumrall; Akeelah Ali, New Medinah; Brittney Williamson, Sumrall (grades 11-12): Jake Harrell, Seminary.

Engineering (grades 9-10): Kate Goertezen, Hattiesburg; Brittney Woolwine, Seminary; Jonathan Rosinski, Natchez; Alison Stringer, Seminary; Stacy Thomas, Jefferson County; David Craft, Picayune (grades 11-12): Michael Johnson, Collins.

Environmental Science (grades 9-10): Amanda McDonald, Greene County; Allie Carpenter, Sumrall; Stephanie Carter, Natchez; Amarette Aube, Seminary; Ellenora McGehee, Natchez; Kelly Spencer, Picayune (grades 11-12): Chance Clark, Sumrall; Jessica Cagle, Collins; Christi Barnes, Collins.

Gerontology (grades 9-10): Juaquinya Dent, Natchez

Mathematics (9-12): Blake Wilson, Oak Grove; Isaiah Goddard, Jefferson County.

Medicine and Health (grades 9-10): Winston Messer, Presbyterian Christian; Chris Mills, Oak Grove; Chelsey Emmons, Seminary; Jessica Roberts, Seminary; Lewis Karen, Jefferson County; Kenny Morgan, Seminary (grades 11-12): Greg May, Oak Grove; Brandi Robison, Sumrall

Microbiology (grades 9-10): Zachary Dicks, Forrest County AHS; Whitney Cook, Sumrall; Ka'shiris Walton, Jefferson County; Kelly Dunn, Columbia Academy; Na'Kita Frye, Jefferson County; Amarrius Scott, Jefferson County (grades 11-12): Kimberly McGowan, Seminary; Lakeitha Ruffin, Jefferson County.

Physics (grades 9-10): Chase Porter, Picayune; Chad Ledet, Greene County; Jessica Camp, Sumrall; Phillip Sutherland, Picayune; Brad Chevalier, Seminary; Leon Dorsey, Natchez (grades 11-12): Christina Boone, Oak Grove; Allen Smith, Sumrall; Wesley Broughton, Columbia; Joe Keys, Collins

Zoology (grades 9-10): Allison Sanford, Seminary; Skyler DuBose, Columbia Academy; Andrew Pierce, Picayune; Brenita Jenkins, Jefferson; Heather Pritchett, Columbia Academy (grades 11-12): Shauna Dickens, Collins.

High School Special Awards: (United States Army) - Engineering: Kate Goertzen, first place, Michael Johnson, honorable mention; Environmental Sciences: Jake Harrel, Amanda McDonald, Candace Joiner; Mathematics/Computers: Zachary Murphy; Life Sciences: Jennifer Huang, Charles Gibson.

(United States Navy): Junior Division - Joshua Brown, Ashlynn Martin; Senior Division - Winston Messer, Kate Goertzen, Jim Huang, Anthony Yuen.

ASM International (Best Materials Engineering Project): Kristen James

American Meteorological Society (AMS Award): Jake Harrell, Donovan Tate.

Herbert Hoover Engineering Award: Kat Goertzen

Intel Computer Science Award: Anthony Yuen; Intel Environmental Science Award: Winston Messer.

International Society for Optical Engineering: Winston Messer

Kodak (Best Use of Photography): Lillian Rogers

NACE (Environmental Science or Engineering): Carita Winn

Invitro Society (11th-grader plant or animal invitro or tissue culture): Greg May

US Metric Association Math Award: Joshua Brown

Association of Women Scientists Award: Sarah Perry

Yale Science and Engineering Association Award: Anthony Yuen

Special Aerospace Research Award (Century Flight Award - Presented by Air Force): Kate Goertzen, Jake Harrell, Winston Messer, Christina Boone

Stockholm Junior Water Prize (Excellence in Water Science Research): Allie Carpenter, Stephanie Carter

Mississippi Engineering Society Outstanding Student and Teacher: Student Kate Goertzen; Teacher Tiffany Fines

Discovery Young Scientists Class III Awards -

Behavioral and Social Scientists: Caitlin Cook, Sumrall; Lindsey Betilino, Oak Grove Middle School; Somer Litolff, Purvis; Bobby Newman, Sumrall; Chris Mills, Sumrall.

Biochemistry: Alan Humphrey, Seminary; Bradley Brown, Oak Grove; Sommer Cheeks, Beat Four JH; Emily Lander, Burger Middle; Welle Emmons, Burger Middle School.

Botany: Robert Hays, Mendenhall; Jadtr Heard, Robert Lewis Middle School; Cour Brooms, Sumrall; Patri Holman, Oak Grove; Rhonda Daughdrill, South Forrest Attendance Center.

Chemistry: Paul Garrett, Collins Middle School; Alyssa Whitehead, Oak Grove Middle School; Vicki Purvis, Oak Grove Middle School; Sherry McLaurin, Collins; Sarah Ring, Collins

Computers: Alyssa Yuen, Oak Grove; Alzen Johnson, Jefferson County; Nick Curry, Alternative Center.

Earth and Space Science: Bran Henley, Oak Grove Middle School; Jessi Galloway, Oak Grove Middle School; Kyla Creel, Sumrall; Julie Lawrence, Sumrall; Kaitlyn Dubose, Columbia Academy;

Engineering: Cory Colley, South Forrest Center.; Stacey Sullivan, Sumrall; Rebecca Davis, Robert Lewis Mid; Daniel Krebs, Burger Middle School; Miles Graham, Seminary.

Environmental Science: Ameli Gamble, Oak Grove; Justin Gough, Oak Grove; Matthew Asquith, Oak Grove; Amy Shows, Burger Middle; Nathan Hulsey, North Forrest Junior High.

Gerontology: Ameli Dickson, Leakesville; Angel Wells, Burger Middle; Faolon Nettles, Leakesville; Taylor Parker, Robert Lewis Middle School.

Mathematics: Mars Pace, Picayune; Mary Messier, Presbyterian Christian; Felicia Spann, Burger Middle School; John Howell, Oak Grove Middle; Thomas Williams, Robert Lewis Middle School.

Medicine and Health: Dana Foxworth, North Forrest; Bren Temple, Robert Lewis; Amber Gibson, Simpson Central; Chad Darty, Burger Middle; Kevin Bond, Sumrall

Microbiology: Melis Powell, Oak Grove; Rachal Clark, Sumrall; Micah Booth, Sand Hill; Devon Payne, West Jones; Daniel Bryant, Collins.

Physics: Stephanie Oshrin, Burger Middle; Matthew Tucker, Dixie Attendance; Slade Gardner, Clara Junior High; Jade Adams, Picayune; Chase Williams, Collins

Zoology: Lillia Rogers, Presbyterian Christian; Kimberly Pierce, Leakesville; T.J. Burgess, Leakesville; Nobie Cannon, Oak Grove; Direl Barnes, Columbia Academy.

Finalists for the International Science Fair in Cleveland May 11-17 are Winston Messer of Presbyterian Christian and Anthony Yuen of Oak Grove. Alternates are Kate Goertzen of Hattiesburg and Jennifer Jin Huang of Oak Grove.



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