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Released March 8, 2005


HATTIESBURG – The grand opening for the Payne Center's newest addition, the Wisteria Circuit Training Room, will be March 21 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the Payne Center.

Grand opening festivities will include refreshments and giveaways, as well as information about circuit training followed by a ribbon cutting and a tour of the new room.

The room features a circuit training system that includes 11 new weight machines that target each muscle group of the body. The circuit works by starting at any machine and performing the lift or cardiovascular exercise for 30-45 seconds and then resting for 20-30 seconds before moving to the next station.

It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete the whole circuit, depending on the set exercise and rest times. Anyone using the system can start at any station and move through the circuit, exercising every major muscle group of the body. Constant movement adds a cardiovascular benefit to using a circuit training system.

Ryan Babl, fitness graduate assistant for Recreational Sports, said a circuit training workout is perfect for students and faculty who have a hard time fitting in a workout between classes.

"It's an easy and fun way to exercise when there is limited time in a person's busy workday. The circuit can easily be performed before or after work or even as a quick workout during your lunch break," Babl said.

Babl said the user-friendly setup also reduces intimidation for patrons. Before using the new system, patrons can go through an orientation session with a trained employee to learn how the system works and to determine the seat adjustments and weights that will be used in the beginning of their program. Weight adjustments can be made later to continually increase the difficulty for patrons as they get stronger. A trained employee will be in the room at all times for questions or help with the circuit.

For a tour of the Wisteria Circuit Training Room or information about joining the Payne Center, call (601) 266-5405.



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