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Released May 13, 2003


LONG BEACH - This summer children can challenge their minds by learning about robots, the arts and inventing at The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Starting in June, each of these topics will be covered in one of four summer camps offered through the Southern MissGC Division of Continuing Education.

"Robot Studio" will be offered in three sessions: June 2-6, June 9-13, and "Advanced Robot Studio" June 16-20 at the Gulf Park campus in Long Beach. All of the sessions run from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

"Robot Studio" teaches children in grades 5-8 how to design and build working robots using advanced programming techniques without being restricted to using components only found in a kit. Infrared sensing, multi-servo applications and advanced electronic fundamentals engage students in higher levels of robotics while they solve tomorrow's problems today. The cost is $250 per week, which includes a T-shirt and materials.

"Invention Studio" will be offered from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on June 9-13 at the Gulf Park campus.

Invention Studio is a highly creative inventing program for kids in grades 2-5. From prototype to finished product, kids will learn how to create inventions that fly, roll, float and more. The curriculum has been adapted by Pam Datlof, chief executive officer of KIDS Work Studios. Invention Studio is a fun way to rev up imaginations as children learn how to become inventors, entrepreneurs, and promoters of their own products. The cost is $250, which includes a T-shirt and materials.

"Do You Want to Dance," a two week dance residency for students in grades 5-7, will be offered June 23-July 3 at the Bay High School Auditorium in Bay St. Louis.

The National Dance Institute summer residency provides access to the arts for children. It is an opportunity for racially diverse children in the middle grades, regardless of socioeconomic status or prior dance experience, to receive dance instruction for a two-week period from master teachers of dance on the Gulf Coast.

The cost is $50 per person and it is open to the first 50 students who register. The hours of the two-week camp are from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

"The Academy for the Arts and the 3 Rs" will be held from 8 am.-5 p.m. July 7-August 1 at the Gulf Park campus.

This camp is a summer arts-based program for children ages 5 through 12, with additional instruction in the core subjects of language, reading, mathematics and social studies. Using an integrated approach, the students will study the "Louisiana Purchase, An American Journey." Instruction in the arts will be facilitated by professional artists in visual arts and drama. Southern MissGC students enrolled in preservice education and child development courses will assist the children in the study of core subjects and are supervised by their instructors. The cost is $280, with an additional $50 materials fee.

For more information and to register for any of these camps, call the Southern MissGC Division of Continuing Education at (228) 867-8777.


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