Released May 2, 2003


LONG BEACH -- Robyn Ripple, a senior elementary education major at The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast, was recently named "Teacher Candidate of the Year" by the Southern Miss chapter of Phi Delta Kappa.

"Ms. Ripple always helped us with our work in a special way," said Tyler White, one of Ripple's fifth-grade students at Three Rivers Elementary School in Gulfport. "Her teaching made learning fun. She made me feel so confident that I knew I could do it, which made her a great teacher."

Ripple, a native of New Orleans who now lives in Long Beach, will graduate this May at Gulf Park with a bachelor of science degree in elementary education.

The award was based on nominations by two supervisors and a video tape of a lesson actually taught to the fifth grade class she taught. Her supervisors were Sharon Sumrall, fifth-grade teacher at Three Rivers Elementary School in Gulfport, who served as Ripple's mentor, and Dr. Lee Roudebush, university supervisor with the Southern Miss Office of Educational Field Experiences.

"A teacher must be alert continually to visualize what is happening and to anticipate what might happen in the classroom," Ripple said. "I am determined to help all students achieve their educational goals."

Ripple, who has been going to school part time for 12 years, started out as a pre-vet major and changed to education. She will now compete for the National Student Teacher Award this summer.



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