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Released November 19, 2003


HATTIESBURG - Faculty and staff at The University of Southern Mississippi set several external funding records in October, with total funds topping $13.3 million, according to a report from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). These achievements represent activities from a wide range of academic programs, university organizations and administrative units from virtually every Southern Miss location.

"Truly, The University of Southern Mississippi is a university on the move," said Dr. Angeline Dvorak, vice president for Research and Economic Development. "This extraordinary performance in external funding activity demonstrates the quality and commitment of our world-class faculty and staff."

Researchers from Southern Miss submitted 80 proposals to various federal, state, corporate, and private agencies during October. These proposals requested support for activities that reflect the diverse interests and expertise of our staff. The applications included submissions to the U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Justice, Commerce, Transportation; the Small Business Administration; the National Guard Bureau; the Office of Naval Research; the Environmental Protection Agency; NASA; the National Science Foundation; the National Institutes of Health; and many others.

Although the results of these attempts may not be announced for a few months, the number of proposals is significant because it directly correlates with subsequent funding.

"The faculty and staff work very hard on securing grants and contracts from various sources to fund their research and scholarly activities," said ORSP Director Connie Wyldmon. "We in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs are fortunate to be working with productive faculty and staff who are so adept at writing successful proposals."

Another significant accomplishment was the amount of funds awarded to Southern Miss during the month of October. Awards for funded projects amounted to more than $13.3 million. This figure, which represents a substantial increase over the previous monthly awards record, also reflects the highest number of projects won for a single month. Grants, awards and contracts from federal agencies accounted for the majority of funding, with state and private foundations making up the remaining monies.


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