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Released October 25, 2004

By Daphne Alford and Donna McGuyer

HATTIESBURG - Dr. Shelby F. Thames, president of The University of Southern Mississippi, announced Saturday during homecoming festivities the successful completion of the university's $100 million fund-raising campaign.

The effort began in July 1997 with a silent phase that moved into a public phase in April 2001. On June 30, 2004, the campaign concluded with a total of $107,772,415.72 generated from the private sector in support of Southern Miss.

"We are grateful to the many volunteers and donors who worked diligently to bring this campaign to a successful conclusion," said Thames of the comprehensive fund-raising effort. "Thanks to those Southern Miss supporters who believe in this institution's educational opportunities, we will continue to recruit and educate the best and brightest students."

The funds resulting from the campaign will allow the university to expand its research output, nurture economic development partnerships and support certification and accreditation for every program available at Southern Miss. The six priorities identified at the campaign's inception by staff, administration, development and athletic personnel, alumni and friends are merit scholarships, faculty and staff development, Gulf Coast campus expansion, libraries and technology, athletics and Founders' Society membership.

Reported campaign gifts collectively include cash, pledges, planned gifts and in-kind donations through all three university fiduciaries - the USM Foundation, The University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation and The University of Southern Mississippi Research Foundation. The Southern Miss Alumni Association was also involved in the seven-year campaign.

Campaign gift totals are reported at face value in the following categories:

cash--$35,533,463.21; pledges--$44,006,546.52; planned gifts--$21,862,652.62; and in-kind donations--$6,369,753.37.

"Despite the downturn in the economy during this campaign, Southern Miss supporters continued to show their confidence in the university by investing in it," said campaign chairman Dr. Aubrey K. Lucas, president emeritus of Southern Miss. "This remarkable achievement was made possible through the tremendous effort of those individuals who love the university and want to see it thrive."

Campaign results reported at face value are as follows:

  • $28,751,884.54 for scholarships
  • $16,013,409.02 for faculty and staff development
  • $1,291,085.45 for libraries and technology
  • $14,234,939.55 for Gulf Coast campuses
  • $38,746,538.41 for athletics
  • $8,734,558.75 for areas other than the original campaign priorities
  • 418 members enrolled in the Founders' Society

"In addition to the $107,772,415.72, intellectual properties valued at $44,039,560 were donated to the Southern Miss Research Foundation through 2002," said Thames. "These values were provided by the donor and accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. Intellectual property gifts from January 2003 through June 2004 are not included because the valuations have not been provided."

The three Southern Miss foundations are nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporations that serve as fiduciaries of all private funds donated to Southern Miss.

"It is evident that a lot of hard work was involved in this fund-raising effort to generate these funds in seven years, and we are extremely pleased with the philanthropic giving of our donors," said Thames. "Southern Miss is a world-class institution with high expectations in accomplishing any given goal. This campaign is exemplary of the spirit of our community."

For more information about the campaign, call Tim Ryan, executive director of The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation at (601) 266-5602.

The Campaign for Southern Miss
Exact Calculations

Gift Totals

  • Cash $35,533,463.21
  • Pledges $44,006,546.52
  • Planned Gifts $21,862,652.62
  • In-kind Donations $6,369,753.37

Campaign Results

  • Scholarships $28,751,884.54
  • Faculty and Staff Development $16,013,409.02
  • Libraries and Technology $1,291,085.45
  • Gulf Coast Campuses $14,234,939.55
  • Athletics $38,746,538.41
  • Founders' Society 418 Memberships
  • Areas other than original campaign priorities $8,734,558.75

Additional Properties

In addition, intellectual properties valued at $44,039,560 were donated to The University of Southern Mississippi Research Foundation through 2002. These values were provided by the donor and accepted by the IRS. Intellectual property gifts from January 2003 through June 2004 are not included because the valuations have not been provided.


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